23:30 – 03:30

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Free tickets available here – skiddle.com/e/35929111The Tuesday Club: Free partyWe’ve rounded up a selection of some of our favourite local DJs and crews for a night that will cover all bases of the dance music spectrum.DJs & crews

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Andy H
Charla Green
Gracie T
La RumbaFrom globally infused house & disco from one of Sheffield’s most on-the-pulse crews, La Rumba to a skank through many tempos and styles with ‘selecta in the spotlight’, Gracie T off the back of her hugely celebrated Boiler Room session; followed by our legendary resident and beat master Andy H, taking us up to the higher tempo realms with Sheffield’s queen of the jungle, Charla Green and kings of the rollers, Displace. If there’s one thing we can guarantee this night, it is VIBES!

Tuesday 26th October
23:30 – 03:30
Last Entry 00:30VENUE –
Sheffield Students’ Union
Western Bank
S10 2TGOpen to all (18+)
Non Students welcome
Valid ID required for entryPlease go to foundrysu.com/covid-rules for the latest guidance and conditions of entrySAFETY:
– ID scanning is a condition of entry for all club nights at Foundry. If you are unable to provide valid ID or a U-Card you will not be allowed entry, regardless of your age.
– Accepted forms of ID are: Valid Passport, driving license, provisional driving license, photo cards featuring the pass hologram. Photocopies, photos or screenshots of IDs are not accepted.
– If you’re drinking, be responsible and know your limits.
– Make sure you get home safe and with friends.
– If you’re worried about a friend, or if you see anybody who may need help, please let a member of staff know straight away.
– Keep an eye on your drinks and don’t leave them unattended.
– Sheffield Students’ Union has a zero-tolerance policy toward drug use at its licensed venues. Searches will be in operation, as well as sniffer dogs for some events.
– Students found in possession of illegal substances will be banned for a minimum of 6 weeks and can face a lifetime ban. Students will also be required to attend a session with a Drugs Worker at START, Sidney Street before being allowed back into the licensed venues, even if their 6-week ban has expired. Students will also be excluded from holding office in committee and Officer roles for that year. In extreme cases, students can be arrested and expelled from University.
– Non-Students found in possession of illegal substances will receive a lifetime ban from all licensed premises at Sheffield Students’ Union.
– If you decline a search upon arrival, you will not be allowed in the venue.
– Taking drugs bought from unknown sources can lead to life-threatening illnesses. Be aware of the current risks: www.talktofrank.com
– Free water & earplugs are available from behind the bar.
– Strobe lighting will be in use at the event.
– For more info head to: www.tuesday-club.co.uk/safety