A brand new partner for The Tuesday Club is FYI!

FYI is a creative agency that provides design, print, and advertising services to the music industry, event promoters, festivals and youth orientated businesses that target the 18-30 demographic. Best known for producing the FYI Pack which is distributed in Leeds, Sheffield, York, Nottingham & Manchester, plus exclusive opportunities at many music festivals in the UK, Spain and Croatia. They distribute over 40,000 packs per month into the hands of trend conscious 18-30’s outside gigs, events, into student accommodation and via our network of branded dispensers. In the past 12 months we have expanded this network online and transmit our weekly FYI E-Flyer to over 50,000 subscribers.

This year see’s FYI launch their brand new listings site, set to go live this Autumn. Keep an eye out for the most up to date nightlife listings in Sheffield and beyond!