We caught up with Dub Phizix ahead of his performance with Strategy and the cream of DnB on the Valve Sound System, September 28th. Here’s what he had to say:

You’ve really nailed your own, very unique sound – what are your influences?

Cilla Black, Shabba Ranks, Crisps.

Do you enjoy playing out in Sheffield?

Yeah it’s one of my favourite cities to play. The crowd are always really lively and they know their music. Sheffield also has some really good clubs. Playing on the Valve Sound there is gonna be mad

You’ve got a lot of releases featuring members of Broke ‘n’ £nglish. Do you prefer working with vocalists?

I wouldn’t say ‘prefer’ cos I just like making music either way but a good vocalist can bring a tune to life. Broke ‘n’ English tend to do that……Well DRS and Konny do anyway. Strategy is just on the tunes cos he’s our mate and we don’t wanna leave him out. That would be a bit snide…

Have you got any forthcoming releases in the pipeline?

I’ve got a tune coming on the next Critical compilation but other than that no. There’s been a lot come out over the last year or so which were one lot of tunes made over a few months. I’m making a load of new stuff now so we’ll see how that turns out.

Of your rapidly growing back catalogue, which tunes are your favourites?

Probably ‘Soul remember’ from the DRS album. It went under the radar a bit cos the rest of the album was so good but I think it’s probably my best work. 

Dub Phizix and Strategy play Valve Sound System at The Octagon in Sheffield on Saturday September 28th. They will be joined by Andy C, Wilkinson, S.P.Y, Lemon D, Dillinja, Marcus Intalex, Jubei, Om Unit & more. Tickets available here: http://tickets.sheffieldstudentsunion.com/ents/event/5069/