With such a massive line up this time on Valve System and with every artist having such a strong part to play on this momentous night we have decided to spotlight some of the artist each day running up to the event.

Spotlight on – Marcus Intalex, Jubei & Om Unit

Marcus Intalex
Both as an artist and a DJ, Marcus Intalex represents the forefront of soulful musical drum & bass. Heading up the legendary Soul:r label along with long-term collaborator ST Files (as MIST), he’s worked with artists such as Calibre and Martyn and and always sought to release quality music with lasting appeal. Marcus’s DJ sets have earned him a reputation as a tastemaker, not afraid to test crowds with a fresh high quality selection from across the spectrum of drum & bass.
Jubei is the name on the lips of almost every top-flight drum & bass DJ. Whether it’s his solo productions, collaborations with the likes of Breakage, Alix Perez, Youngsta, Icicle, Lenzman and Ulterior Motive, or his work as a member of Code 3 (with SP:MC and Dakuan), his music features heavily in the sets of those in the know.

Om Unit
“Om” The supreme and most sacred syllable, and believed to be the spoken essence of the universe. “Unit” a single thing or person.
Om Unit has built a deserved reputation as one of the strongest and most consistent artists in the electronic sphere. His 2010 reworking of Joker’s ‘DigiDesign’ was sanctioned by Kode9 for white label treatment & original material quickly followed on Fabric-curated ‘Elevator Music’ compilation, the ‘Lavender/Lightgrids’ 7″ for the All City & ‘The Corridor EP’ for Plastician’s Terrorhythm imprint.