Friday 22nd July – TRAMLINES @ DQ (Upstairs & Downstairs)

DQ Downstairs: WAIT…

ZED BIAS aka MADDSLINKY (Tru-Thoughts)
…YOUNGSTA (Rinse / Tempa)
MC TOAST (Rinse)
JACK OPUS (Soup Kitchen)
CHECAN (BungaBunga)
SAM MOIR ( / Wait…)

DQ Upstairs: Suckerpunch vs. Benefit Records

VANDAL (Benefit / Lot49)
JONNY TOWNSEND (Breakout Audio)
ADAM CONNAL (Urban Gorilla)
CALL ME T (Benefit)
ALAN CHAPMAN (UG / Talk to Trevor)


A massive 2-floor knees up of epic proportions hits DQ on Tramlines Friday as we welcome headliners renowned for being at the top of the game in their respective scenes and some of the best DJs this fair city has to offer.

DQ Downstairs features a headsy mix of dubstep, garage, broken beat, UK funky, drum and bass and beyond headed up by garage and dubstep legend Zed Bias aka Maddslinky and Rinse FMs dubstep guru, Youngsta.

They are joined by some of Sheffield’s best, in the form of Soup Kitchen’s Jack Opus and BungaBunga’s golden boy Checan. The night has been put together by WAIT… a new project by The Tuesday Club and also features WAIT…residents System:Attic and Sam Moir.

DQ Upstairs pits Suckerpunch against the might of Sam Vandal’s Benefit Records. There’s a fantastic lineup of breaks, house, techno and foot stomping goodness in store, headlined by the man himself, Vandal who’s releases during his illustrious career have shaken dancefloors world-wide for years!

He’s teamed up with 3 of the much-missed Urban Gorilla DJs, Jonny Townsend, Adam Connal and Alan Chapman, as well as the Suckerpunch DJs and labelmate Call Me T to make sure DQ Upstairs is converted into a no-holds-barred rave den.

As always, we advise arriving early, this one’s gonna go off til the bitter(sweet) end!